AMG Software FAQs

Welcome to the AMG Software FAQs!

After ordering you will receive an email with your download link and serial number. Download your product and go to our authorization page to submit your serial number and add your product to your iLok account where you can then manage it.

Things to note:
- we will offer unlimited downloads of Kick-Ass Brass! & Beat Producer XXXL and always update your download to be the current version. So you can use the lookup feature below to get the current version and remind you of your serial number if necessary. Sample libraries normally expire but can be refreshed upon request if necessary.
- when you are upgrading or prior to release the actual download and/or serial number will not be available. Please be patient. They will be available for you to access upon release.
If you need to recover your previous order info please use the button below to have your complete order info sent to you. If you need any additional help, links refreshed or email address updated if you no longer have access to it please contact us direct with as much info as possible and we will try to help. Our current system only covers orders for around the last 5 years too FYI. You'll find all your orders using your email address. We will make our virtual instrument download links permanent so you can always get the latest version of the software and your serial number any time you wish.

Really we don't need to share too much information. Product updates now and again and the occasional offer. You should connect using whichever channel suits you best. Email lists for your products are great. We also message regarding updates via our order database but only send you a minimum amount of info.
Both our instruments utilise UVI technology and are hosted by UVI Workstation or used as a Falcon Soundbank. You install the UVI software and then access them as sound banks. So for compatibility and technical aspects you should refer to the UVI specs for the host you are using - typically the UVI Workstation.
We will update these FAQs now and again in response to user feedback and provide help for both Kick-Ass Brass! Nad Beat Producer XXXL. You should also visit for specific details of Beat Producer XXXL our huge loop instrument.
Make sure you have the latest version of the UVI host software, usually Work Station. Our plugins will only be sure to work as they should in the version it was created on and later ones so always check this as a potential easy fix to any problems you might encounter.

Kick-Ass Brass! Specific FAQs

If you upgrade we have to manually check you are an existing user. To aid this process either include your old serial number when you order or send an e-mail. However things to note!

- We are in the UK so allow 24 hours but in daylight hours you might well get a response far faster.
- we add the serial number to your order and re-send you the receipt. Check you spam folder for an email from DropSwitch if you haven't seen anything within 24 hours.
- you can contact us to check but also consider using the Order Lookup option above to recover you details.
- Serial numbers all start AMGPRO… don't waste time using other info like your old machine ID.

A quick note too! Amazingly many people have been using their own sounds for so long they've forgotten where the buttons to load the presets are. They are virtually invisible but once you're into KAB click them and then start playing, editing and saving your sounds which you can then access using the buttons by themselves on the brass area. Here's a hint though! ;-)

Hidden Buttons

Kick-Ass Brass! Started out life as a humble S5000 library. It's evolved into other versions, then into the 32 bit virtual instrument and now the 64 bit one. The sound library has been honed and strangely got smaller it's now in Flac format. The current version is the best one and will probably be built upon in the future.

As far as the software side of it goes the 64 bit version is effectively a completely new product. You should bin everything to do with the older version and forget about it now. All you need is the serial number and what's in your download - combined with the UVI host software. The old serial number, machine ID, etc are consigned to history once you have your new serial number in exchange for it.
We know there's a relatively insignificant issue with the transpose button not currently working. If you find any others let us know. Our plan is to issue an update fairly quickly to fix this, any other existing bugs and hopefully add some functionality too. Stay tuned for details in due course.

When we issue updates you'll be able to simply download the new .ufs file and replace the existing one.
You can review the USER GUIDE and LIBRARY INFO here. We will edit these in due course to reflect small changes but they should give you idea of how to use KAB in the meantime. Ignore all the authorization section of course. That happens on the page here.
We have used lossless compression (.flac) on the audio samples which means that a full range instrument with all 16 variations can be loaded in under a second. This improvement in performance also meant we could remove the old ‘economy’ programs as seen with KAB V1. In 2021, RAM is no longer a concern!
Multi-Variations (Multis):
The plugin has also been extended to 16 part multi-timbral which allows the user to access a wider range of sample variations across all midi channels. The original multi’s have been replicated to a point but they have been extended to utilise 16 variations and midi channels. As per the original KAB V1, some simple multis have been included for unison horn sections. The user can still design, load and save multis, assigning program variations to each midi channel. There is consistency in the newer solo Instrument multis which allow the user to copy 1 midi part over to a new instrument, keeping the variation switching intact (where possible). We have tried to make this logical and user-friendly!  The recommended approach for complex brass arrangements would be to use 1 KAB instance (using all 16 channels) per brass instrument.
Variation changes:
Given we have 16 parts and midi channels per instrument in KAB V2, a redesign of the programs and variation-switching seemed appropriate.  Previously in V1, multiple  variations were often stacked into a single program switching on velocity, the trade-off being less control over some sample note volumes. In V2, we have included a new set of variations (with no stacking) which give the user complete control over velocity/volume playback. Although we firmly believe the new V2 variations and multis will make variation switching and programming easier, we have still included the original ‘stacked’ velocity switching V1 programs such as Rips & Falls, Mixed Stabs, etc, for completeness.
Mono-Legato V2 Program versions:
We have added a special new V2 (main) program for each instrument which is designed to automatically trigger the ‘slurred’ samples when you play legato. The V2 program has 2 velocity switch layers when triggering a new note (typically MF, FF),  however the 3
rd layer (slurred MF samples) is accessed automatically when playing legato This means, when a new note is played while another note is still sounding, it will switch to a slurred sample, cutting out the first. Essentially, the V2 program is a ‘mono-legato’ program, meaning you are unable to play chords (much like the real instrument!) however, the V1 program is still included as per the original plugin - if the user needs to play chords. We hope the V2 program allows the user to play riffs and short passages more naturally and with greater authenticity. This was perhaps a ‘shortcoming’ of the original plug which we are now able to address using the new technology.

Beat Producer XXXL Specific FAQs!

If you're a KAB or Beat Producer user we can give you 10% OFF Beat Producer XXXL. Just order as normal and send in your serial number asking for a refund and we will issue that to you within 24 hours if you're in a hurry. If you prefer contact us and ask for a discount code instead.
The initial release has a handful of files that cause crashes. Some are because of the way they're formatted, some are just bad data of some sort. We will include a list of these problem files so you can avoid them in the product download. We will issue a new version with these fixed before too long but the good news is the reason we are delaying that is we want to add more data at the same time too. So it makes sense to take our take, complete this massive library, enhance all the naming etc to create a true legacy product them give you the complete thing in one huge download rather than you having to repeat that process several times for the sake of a handful of files we've found to be a problem. Thanks in advance for your patience.
It's a huge job to download! Take your time and download a few parts at a time and try to use a browser that allows you to resume to save time. See the PDF for advice on on software if you have trouble restoring the files to the use .ufs file. We include a /torrent file as an alternative for these who might prefer that. It might not work initially at least and we might post updates at a later time.