64-bit solution finally on the horizon?

WE are currently looking at a third party solution to make Kick-Ass Brass! and Beat Producer fully functional on native 64 bit DAWs. As soon as we can figure out how and if we can can do it we hope this will be an effectively free solution that will also offer a lot of other advantages to our users too. Everything crossed and apologies again for the lack of a solution much sooner.

New Mailing list

In line with all this GDPR fun and games we have had to review quite a few things and moved our e-mail list. We will mail everyone on the existing list and give them a nudge to stay subscribed or not to. Everyone who stays will get a special FREE sample library as will any that join up in future. If you're already on the list you'll know we have hardly every sent out any mails. We do plan to send a few more in future but just so you know we still won't ever get close to sending anything more than one a month on average. We have also split out lists up rather than to segment one massive list. Anyone already in the system will stay on that main list but now you should join one of the dedicated lists for Kick-Ass Brass!, Beat Producer, Reason ReFills & REX Files or Apple-related titles if you have a particular interest in one of these areas. We intend to offer some special deals this year so we hope you stay connected!

64 bit Updates on the way!

We are well aware that some of you are desperate to get 64 bit versions of our instruments. We should have had these early in the year but we’ve been delayed by health scares and the extension of projects the coders were already working on pushing us back. There is no alternative way to get this done unfortunately. The latest estimate is we might have betas ready in August with some luck. Follow udon Facebook and Twitter to get regular updates and request a beta asap if you are especially affected.

On a positive note I hope we might be able to offer you good news of an extension to the Kick-Ass Brass! Library and new Beat Producer content around this time too. Again on both these fronts we are facing issues that are delaying these outside our control and need the other parties involved to come up with the goods in each respect. But we are working on it!

New Authorization System

We are working towards creating a semi-automatic authorization system we hope to be able to launch in the new few months. This will allow you to manage your own authorizations automatically and instantly in many instances and also allow much more creative options with Beat Producer too. More news as we have it.

Beat Producer SOLO - Out now!

Beat Producer Solo, the precursor to the full Beat Producer, is available now! Read More...