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    AMG - A brief history…

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    AMG was founded in 1988 in the United Kingdom. The subsequent 23 years can be broadly divided into two parts - the first involved the recording and release of a massive sample library spread over hundreds of products that now grace their catalogue. The last decade has focussed on relocation to the United States, the development of products specifically for Apple and our own virtual instruments - to which this site is dedicated.

    AMG’s pedigree is largely based on our loop libraries more than anything and ONE, which is based upon these and is far more technologically advanced has proved far less of a commercial success so far in comparison to Kick-Ass Brass! which is based upon very simple technology and covers territory we had largely avoided for many years. 2011 sees the release of a re-working of ONE called Beat Producer, TBC...

    Kick-Ass Brass!

    "...its sound is simply stellar – this virtual instrument fully justifies its name."

    - MacUser

    ONE Virtual Instrument

    "Stability - 9, Value for money - 8, Ease of use - 9, Versatility - 8, Quality of results - 9 Verdict - ONE could be the creative and stable multi-timbral file player you've been looking for."

    - Future Music

    "...for loop-heads everywhere,
    it is well worth checking out."

    - Sound On Sound

    Kick-Ass Brass!

    " is possible to create some excellent results...These new instruments sound just as good as the original material, with the muted trumpet being particularly atmospheric...AMG have done an equally good job with the graphical front-end, and have combined good looks with ease of use...the plug-in worked flawlessly...The built-in effects sound good...Kick-Ass Brass is still one of the most convincing ways to create modern brass sections...Overall, this library is aptly named - the samples themselves sound great and the front end is very slick."

    - Sound On Sound

    Virtual Instrument

    "On this showing, AMG is fairly entitled to consider ONE 'the complete loop solution.'"

    - MacUser


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    About Us

    AMG have been developing high quality sample libraries since the late 80's. Our catalog now boasts almost 500 titles in total and encompasses a wide range of popular formats - many of which we pioneered such as Apple Loops, REX1, REX2 and ReFill formats, all of which we recorded 'World firsts' for. More recently we've developed virtual instruments Beat Producer & Kick-Ass Brass! which have also achieved International acclaim - this site is dedicated to these.


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