SOLO - "One's baby brother"

Our first loop-based virtual instrument and forerunner to ONE - SOLO!
ONE took longer than anticipated so, whilst we continued to work on that, we wanted to release a lite version to introduce the format. SOLO is a ‘single rack’ version of the 8 part ONE AMG flagship plug-in. SOLO features include:

- Loads REX2, REX1 & ACIDized Loops
- Powerful resonant multi-mode filter
- Automatic loop syncing to host application – single key triggering or export MIDI File for total flexibility
- Can be used inside any VST compliant host – PC or Mac OSX
SOLO allows you to control loops in two basic ways. You can load loops and trigger them in sync with you host an octave either side of their original pitch or turn off the loop and either play the slices manually or export a MIDI file to your host sequencer to play the loop for you. This method allows you to edit the loop in any way you desire on your favourite sequencer - a really quick and easy way to work if you like to add fills to loops on the fly for example. Beyond that you can use SOLO's powerful filters to twist your loop into whatever shape you want. You can also control everything in real-time using MIDI. In summary SOLO is simple yet powerful, sounds great and works the way you want it to.

So what does SOLO do?

SOLO brings quick and easy loop control and manipulation to every VST2 host. Although many programs read REX files or ACIDized WAVs they are sometimes a little inelegant, slow or simply don't give you the level of control you require. These 'sliced' loops offer so many amazing advantages everyone should be using them regardless of which sequencer you use. SOLO let's everyone 'join the party' without having to change your sequencer!
SOLO is available now with no bundled sounds direct via the internet from, versions with sounds are also available from the webstore...
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