• How do I get to the Kick-Ass Brass! OPTIONS page?
    Click on the AMG Logo in the bottom middle of the GUI. If you are using the Standalone version do not get confused with the Standalone options you access with an additional, clearly marked button on the window frame. That only accesses the options for the Standalone.
  • 64/32-bit issues in Logic & other 64 bit DAWs…
    If you start Logic (pre-X versions only) in 64-bit mode it won't see 32-bit Audio Units and they won't appear in the AU Manager either. In this case restart in 32-bit mode (right-click on the app icon, get info) and then scan KAB. Once it's been scanned you can revert to 64-bit mode and it will be visible.

    Same applies to Beat Producer of course…

    Incidentally we're looking at a solution for 64-bit asap and possibly/probably although we're hoping to add new functionality at the same time which might delay/improve things too. So choices to be made and work to be done too. More news when we have it.
  • What are machine IDs?
    Machine IDs are generated by our software to identify your computer. Once a machine ID is authorised all versions - AU, VST, RTAS, etc. - will be authorised on that computer. The only exception being if you have some Intel native and other PPC hosts on your Mac - then there will be different machine IDs. Basically always authorise using the version and host you wish to actually use and check the machine ID matches in all the versions you wish to use too. The machine ID does NOT relate to any of the serial numbers that relate to your hardware at all, so don't try and find it in your computer info, it's only in KAB. Finally it will nearly always change if you make an internal hardware modification to your computer too.
  • Why do I have to wait 24-48 hours for a license file?
    Normally you don't. We just ask you allow this as we currently issue license files manually and they have to pass through two sets of hands 5 hours apart. Throw in holidays, weekends, real life, etc. and we have to allow for the worst case scenarios that are always possible. Apply during business hours though and it'll usually only be an hour or two. We do plan to semi-automate the process so that 'known' customers will be able to get files instantly in future though. News on this when we have it...
  • What is the current version of...
    Current versions are...

    Kick-Ass Brass! - 1.07
    Beat Producer - 2.0
    Beat Producer Solo - 2.0 tbc
    ONE - 1.04 - Final Version
    SOLO - 1.01

    To get updated mail [email protected] with your license number and receive a download link.

    As and when updates are released we'll update this answer.
  • Are there 64 bit versions of our instruments planned yet?
    There isn't anything imminently available but we hope to have a solution very soon that we hope to be able to announce for those affected by this.
  • Can I use your Audio Unit Instruments in GarageBand?
    Yes. Go into an instrument edit page and you'll see the AU version of ONE (once installed, you have to make sure you've installed the current AU version first of course) available as a 'Sound Generator' near the bottom of the list of those available. Then you can save that instrument as 'ONE' or whatever and return to it by selecting it and using the editing option by clicking on the image to the left of the generator selector to access the GUI and load sounds, etc. as required. This related to GarageBand 09. The required steps will be the same although the layout possibly slightly different in past and future versions.
  • How do I get software updates?
    If you need to get updated mail [email protected] with your license number and receive a download link.
  • How do I authorise my software?
    Basically we need you top provide us with your details, your serial/license number and the machine ID of the computer you wish to authorise. We then process this and create a license file specifically for your and your computer and return it to you via e-mail. Full details of how to apply are provided in the PDF manual (not Read Me PDF) along with our Help Videos here - it's not difficult but please make sure you do the right thing or it's impossible. Important things to note are:

    1. We ask you allow 24-48 hours for the return of your license file. In practice it's often much quicker but it all depends when you apply as they are dealt with manually. We do plan to update and semi-automate this process in future which will probably help and make the issue of license files instant for many users at least.
    2. Please check your spam filter if you've applied and not had a license file back. They often get caught and it can be annoying for all involved if a spam filter doesn't allow anyone to communicate with one another.
    3. A license file only authorizes the computer with the machine ID you used to apply. The machine ID can change because of hardware and/or software changes you make.
    4. Authorizations are not unlimited so please only use them when you actually need them. See other question for more details...
  • How many authorizations am I allowed?
    You buy a personal license to use your software. We issue you license files to authorize computers over time as necessary at our discretion. The aim is that you have at least one active license file available at all times. We do allow users to have secondary computers if they work with more than one computer but always advise them to only use 'lives' if or when they really need them. In practice the system works well - if in any doubt always feel free to ask in advance.
  • How can I stay in touch with updates and release news?
    The best option is to join our mailing list using the link in the sidebar. You can manage your own account as you wish and get targeted info on only the products you are interested in. We'll never share your info with any third party and only mail you once a month at most on average each year. So there's no need to fear being bombarded with mails.
  • What plug-in format should I use?
    Whichever one is compatible with the host you wish to use most is the one you should use to authorize your software. However you'll probably find that you can use all available versions on your computer once you authorize any one of them. The only exception is on an Intel Mac where you're using native and PPC hosts which results in different machine IDs. Then you have to choose and only authorize one of them. This affects very few users and nearly always the native software is the best way to go.
  • I'm having problems - what should I do?
    Whatever issues you have the best option is to check your PDF manual and help videos here. Typically most issues revolve around authorization and/or library location. You'll usually fairly quickly resolve your issues by following the simple steps in the help videos and establish what is slightly wrong. If not you may find additional help in our KVR forum (link in the sidebar) and of course you can always contact us using the button at the bottom of this page. We'll get back to you asap but you'll usually be able to find the answer to your problem by simply watching the help videos, so check them out first.
  • How can I add keyswitching to KAB?
    We found this utility that may help PC users at least...
  • What are these FAQs for?
    Only the basics. The PDF manuals are the 'bibles' for answers then the Help Videos, KVR forum and direct contact with us if required. We add answers to the questions we get asked the most here too to hopefully save you time if that's what you also need to ask but this is not designed to be a comprehensive 'manual' at all. Having said that we hope that it will grow and ultimately have the answers to everything we're ever asked or ever could be asked...