Kick-Ass Brass! Audio Demos

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We've always loved to hear KAB being used in countless productions all over the the world. Please continue to send them in. Here's a few that users have been kind enough to grant us permission to share and a few of our own basic demos of the sounds. Some of these were recorded well over a decade ago on earlier versions so are far lower sound quality than is standard today.

Kick-Ass Brass!
"its sound is simply stellar
– this virtual instrument fully justifies its name"

Kick-Ass Brass! is the next best thing to a real horn section available for Mac or PC in Audio Unit, VST, AAX and Standalone versions. Discover how great Kick-Ass Brass! sounds in action here and hear what it could add to your productions!

Here you'll find demos, guides, downloads and all the info you might ever need to understand and use Kick-Ass Brass! - if there's anything else you'd like us to include please contact us and we'll try to add that too! Note that most of the demos were created with the older versions of KAB using inferior quality processing and recording technology than is commonplace today.

Kick-Ass Brass! User Demos

" I´m happy, damn it sounds good!!! Sending you my first test, just for fun." - Mattias F, Germany. Check it out here.

Just for Fun

Two demos by Youhei Yatabe
‘Horny Toad’
’I can’t buy luxuries’

New demo by All About Audio, all rights All About Audio Productions
‘Summer Groovin'’

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"You might be interested where and how KAB is used, here is a song where I've used the Tenor and the Trumpets controlled by a Yamaha WX5 Wind Midi Controller (the Bari was real…)." - Oliver W, Austria. Both tracks can be purchased at iTunes, Amazon, etc. The name of the singer is Bella Wagner and the songs are taken from the album "That's what I like". Her website is

Kick-Ass Brass! Audio Demos
AMG Kick-Ass Brass! Demo 1
AMG Kick-Ass Brass! Demo 2
Solo KAB Demos
Download Hi-Quality WAV Versions
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Sound On Sound 5 star brass review

Here are two amazing videos featuring Kick-Ass Brass! The first by Gary Ingle, more from

This second one created by Chris Moscatiello and both reproduced here with his kind permission, full copyright info on YouTube.



Kick-Ass Brass! is available as to order now!