Discover Kick-Ass Brass! - The World's finest virtual horn section!

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We are delighted to offer you a brand new version of this legendary virtual instrument. Rebuilt from the ground up in a 64 bit format available in Audio Units, VST, AAX & Standalone versions.

I've been using Kick Ass Brass for about 6 months now and have grown to absolutely love it.
Jeff S, USA
By the way, we were doing a sound check at a casino playing "Vehicle" by Ides of March and a guy came up to me and said, "I would have sworn there were a bunch of horn players standing up here. How do you do that?!" :)
Todd Q, USA
BEST BRASS SOFTWARE I EVER HEARD! Keep up the good work - you should be ruling the world shortly with stuff like this! I'll tell my friends about this. Thanks for your help.
Hawk W, USA
The sounds that I have auditioned are the best I have heard.
Amirel L, USA
KAB rocks. I can't wait to lay down some tracks with it.
Ron S, USA
I've just been trying KAB out and I have to say it's fantastic. Your attention to detail is superb!
Neil J, Gt. Yarmouth, UK
The library really does kick ass. Thanks for your help.
Patrick R, USA
...your stuff rocks
John M, USA
It is a truly great product!
Jose G, USA
Sounds fantastic. Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent support.
Frank F, London
the brass sounds are great. (and I've tried alot of other horn software - Chris HXXn Horns 1 and 2, The Trumpet, Mr. SaxT) I can't wait to start using them in my music.
John E, USA really sounds great
Jon Q, USA's great! KAB is still the best sounding brass VI available.
Charlie H, Australia



We always shied away from doing any 'real' instruments having had our roots firmly based in loops and capturing live performances. We always thought trying to make the 'perfect' this or that was a mug's game. This project actually came to us and we loved it so much we had to do it. We never regretted that decision, it's truly stood the test of time and the ironic thing is that the reason for that is probably because the library is truly authentic but far from 'perfect' which is what makes it stand out from just about every library still to this day.

Your feedback made this obvious from the start & here are just a few of the comments that you made.

This library is simply incredible. Great sounds, great work!!!!
David B, Germany
WOW! What an aptly named product. :) Keep up the great work!!
Todd Q, USA
I must say I am VERY impressed with the sound and ease of use... it's truly indicative of its namesake!
Ewan J, Australia
Kick Ass Brass is the best brass module. I love it! Thank you for your great job!!
Hiroaki, Japan
This is the best horn instrument I've ever played. I've been looking for something like this for years. Well done.
Nick, UK
I am a convert to the church of KAB and am about to spread the gospel.
Bill B, USA
I'm happy, damn it sounds good!!! Sending you my first test, just for fun.
Mattias F, Germany
...Many thanks for your perfect sounding product!!!! Absolutely the best!!!!
Peter VR, Belgium
Big thanks. KAB is still the best!!!
Thomas F, Italy
I just completed my first sequence with the plug-in, and I have to say it sounds great. You're filling a serious void in the market. I have XXX's "FXXXX CXXX HXXX," and it's incredibly weak...KAB is ballsy! I love that...
Merv W, USA
Well I got KAB all working and it totally rocks!
Doug H, USA
OMG! You have made me one very happy man. KAB is just too cool for words.
David M, USA
...the Kick Ass Brass samples are the best that I have heard
David C, USA
"Thanks a lot. Love the plug very much!" - Jesse M, Germany
John Appleseed



We've always loved to hear KAB being used in countless productions all over the the world. Please continue to send them in. Here's a few that users have been kind enough to grant us permission to share and a few of our own basic demos of the sounds. Some of these were recorded well over a decade ago on earlier versions so are far lower sound quality than is standard today.



"Layered together and with suitable harmonies, the resulting brass sections come over as solid and assertive, not limp and flabby as so many brass samples are when used in this context.... If you need a tight, professional brass section (but can't afford the brass!) and don't want to be restricted to using sampled phrases, Kick Ass Brass is an excellent way to achieve great-sounding results." 5 stars
- Sound On Sound

"...a superb-sounding, self-contained brass section...The appropriately brass-themed interface is stylish and clean...Carefully combining the variations can result in a strikingly realistic performance and with a touch of reverb the samples really come alive...if you’re in the market for top-notch modern brass sounds, they don’t come much sweeter than this. The user-friendliness of Kick-Ass Brass! scores highly for us and its sound is simply stellar – this virtual instrument fully justifies its name." 4 Mice.
- MacUser UK

" is possible to create some excellent results...These new instruments sound just as good as the original material, with the muted trumpet being particularly atmospheric...AMG have done an equally good job with the graphical front-end, and have combined good looks with ease of use...the plug-in worked flawlessly...The built-in effects sound good...Kick-Ass Brass! is still one of the most convincing ways to create modern brass sections...Overall, this library is aptly named - the samples themselves sound great and the front end is very slick."
- Sound On Sound

"I loaded a MIDI song I made before with other brass sounds, replaced it with KAB! and it made me smile. It sounded much sharper and real. Most of the brass presets in synthesizers tend to sound too soft or too flat, so it is hard to get sharp and crisp sounds like KAB!. From rock to big band jazz, I recommend this to all genres of music creators."
- Yutaka Fujioka, Sound Designer

"Very dense and big-boned sounds. Every sound has a presence. Even the upper register notes of trumpet don't sound weak. And it is bright enough to give a flashy accent as expected for the brass sounds in the mix. It may not be made for classical music, but this is what I call the pop brass sounds."
- Hiroshi Takayama, Keyboard Magazine

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Kick-Ass Brass! is available as follows:

Regular Price - $325

Pre-launch Price - $299
Scheduled Release Date is April 2021
- buy at a discount prior to release but you'll have to wait until it's actually available of course!



Updates available as follows:

Update Price - $59

FREE to users who purchased since April 2020 - you'll get an e-mail upon release

When you order an update you will not get your serial number to authorize it immediately but only once the update has been manually approved (so allow at least 24 hours for this to happen). The latest version of KAB will always be available to download from us at any time from your original link or via the order lookup feature in the FAQ section too. For any queries contact [email protected]

NB: We will continue to support the existing versions with a new authorization or until the end of April 2022 whichever comes first. If you upgrade to V2 we void your old serial number at that time.
The new version is as close to a legacy version as possible, meaning that the same sounds are available for your existing projects. However there are some changes with the effects in particular so you should review these if applicable.

All preorders or updates will only include a dummy download and no serial number until actual release date.



If you're an existing user who wants to know about updates or might be interesting in becoming one later and want to make sure you don't miss any special promotions - then please join our mailing list. We promise we will not share your details, mail you very occasionally and you can always leave at any time.



The new version of Kick-Ass Brass! uses completely new software that should be far easier to keep updated and manage in the future. If you want to review the previous version for any reason though you can access the old website here.

It might be you want to check out info regarding the previous version or still need to use it, for example if you require the RTAS format.