New Mailing list

In line with all this GDPR fun and games we have had to review quite a few things and moved our e-mail list. We will mail everyone on the existing list and give them a nudge to stay subscribed or not to. Everyone who stays will get a special FREE sample library as will any that join up in future. If you're already on the list you'll know we have hardly every sent out any mails. We do plan to send a few more in future but just so you know we still won't ever get close to sending anything more than one a month on average. We have also split out lists up rather than to segment one massive list. Anyone already in the system will stay on that main list but now you should join one of the dedicated lists for Kick-Ass Brass!, Beat Producer, Reason ReFills & REX Files or Apple-related titles if you have a particular interest in one of these areas. We intend to offer some special deals this year so we hope you stay connected!