64 bit wrapper rebate offer for Kick-Ass Brass! Users

AMG are delighted to announce a solution for Kick-Ass Brass! Users currently struggling with the absence of a native 64 bit version of our plugin as required more and more by DAWs in recent years. We have worked out a solution with DDMF who have recently released the excellent BridgeWize wrapper that allows you to use Kick-Ass Brass! on Mac and PC native 64 bit DAWs. This applies to VST and AU versions on Mac or PC, not RTAS. For more info and to download and test demo versions we suggest you try before you buy, please visit their website:

Although their software is inexpensive already we wanted to provide this at effectively no cost to both new and existing customers and so have come up with the following arrangement:

For new customers: after purchasing Kick-Ass Brass! please mail us to let us know if you require BridgeWize for your installation. If you do we will send you a coupon code to get it free from DDMF’s website. If you let us know you don’t require it we will send you a $29 credit towards any purchase on Samples-now.com instead upon your request.

For existing users: Please go direct to the DDMF website to make your purchase and forward us your receipt along with your details including your KAB serial number. We will send you a $29 discount code to use on anything from Samples-now.com within 48 hours. You could use this to buy a sample library or maybe put it towards our loop-based instrument Beat Producer which will also work with BridgeWize. Please note you might have to re-authorize KAB after installing BridgeWize so we suggest you only do this when you know you have a bit of time to make sure that doesn't affect any vital project. You can see if you machine ID has changed by checking the mail we send your file to you with. You will get a fatal error message until you have a valid license file. You apply for any new license file you might find you need from KAB's Options page or on-line here.

We hope this helps many KAB users who have been unable to use KAB and also has the additional benefit of allowing you once again to access many other plugins who are also still only available in 32 bit format. We also didn’t want to leave out anyone who had previously bought an alternative wrapper to resolve this issue so they too can send in their receipt to [email protected] for a $29 credit of their own too. If you have any questions please feel free to email us too. We will add anything that comes up to our FAQs or here as applicable. We have not set a time for this promotion but we will end the promotion for existing users at some point in the future so claim your rebate asap.

NB: Beat Producer users who would be interested in a rebate should contact us direct to discuss. We can probably arrange something but with so many variables it's hard to